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Earthly Essentials Gift Card

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Trying to find a gift for your loved ones can be hard, whether the thought of buying a gift card has crossed your mind or not, here are some reasons why they make great gifts.

Gift cards can offer a number of advantages. 

1. Gift cards give the freedom to choose

Gift cards guarantee that your loved ones will get a gift they really want. If you give them an Earthly Essentials gift card they can choose a gift that they want and that suits them.

2. They can be personal

You can buy a gift card for your friend or family member’s favourite store. It shows that you know them well but you are giving them the option to choose the gift they truly want. 

3. Gift cards can be spent in-store and online

Whether your loved ones like to take a trip to their local high street and enjoy a fantastic shopping spree or prefer to shop online from the comfort of their own home, most gift cards can be spent in-store and online but it is a good idea to check before purchasing.

4. They are suitable for every member of the family

Whether you are buying for a close or distant family member, gift cards are ideal. You can buy our gift cards for the relatives you may not know well or those hard to buy for people. It’ll be soon spent and you know they will buy a gift they love.

5. Gift cards can save you time and money

If you set a budget for how much you are willing to spend when buying a gift, then a gift card is perfect. You can select the gift card you want to buy and choose the gift card value.