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Handcrafted Natural Aromatherapy for the Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Experience whole body healing awareness with Earthly Essentials

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Heal, restore & renew. Every aromatherapy and wellness product is handmade in small batches using organic & natural butters, pure oils, herbs & essential oils.

Hand crafted therapy and how our products are made

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CBD Products

CBD Pain relief body balm is made with hemp oil and plant extracts. Lavender & Eucalyptus essential oils are infused to help reduce stress & tension. The balm rub relaxes the mind and heals the body by relieving pain, inflammation and headaches. Sleep better, feel relieved with the help of the plant extracts and heal with the infused pain relief tincture oil.

This product has medicated formula

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Healing Services

Receive an intuitive healing session to balance energy and feel fully aligned through Reiki Healing. I work with the chakras to energetically remove any blockages that may have produced in the body that may affect spiritual growth or may cause stress body pain and anxiety in the mind. In the session, I provide mobile healing services at your convenience or distance sessions with video call through Zoom or phone.

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Aromatherapy Wellness

The art of aromatherapy can be traced back to the great ancient civilization of Egypt where essential oils were valued for there many uses. The use of fragrances and oils to achieve health and well being are used in various ways for various purposes. Studies have shown that fragrances may have clinically positive effect on mood because it stimulates olfactory receptors in the nose that sends powerful messages through the nervous system.

My handcrafed wellness products are made with essential oil blends with scents such as lavender, rosemary, patchouli, lemon and vanilla to stimulate the senses

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