Hello I'm Ciara, the Founder and Creator of Earthly Essentials

"I am ready for this chapter"


I'm Ciara, the owner and founder of Earthly Essentials. Along with running my own business I am a mother of a beautiful daughter and a graduate student. Life gets busy sometimes but I hold onto balance. I am also a military Veteran and I served in the army and the national guard for 5 years. I have past experience in the pharmaceutical industry as a tech and also in counseling services for veterans. Working in these industries has led me to see my true potential when it comes to helping others.

My passion for natural health and wellness began about 7 years ago, I was going through a transition from the military lifestyle to regular everyday life also recognizing certain things in my life that did not serve me and have my best interest, these things led me to experience anxiety and a lot of stress. Therapy alone did not help and I was seeking a deeper, more connected way to heal myself from anxious thoughts and doubt of self worth. I started reading books about healing and being more centered, my favorite one was by Diane Stein how women can heal by applying homeopathic remedies. The book discussed herbs, plants, grounding, food, exercise, essential oils, massage, acupuncture and self awareness practices that lead to whole body healing and wellness. I applied the book and many others in my personal life and saw a big difference in how I felt about myself and the healing that took place with my own body. I regenerated my health, changed my eating habits, started using more natural based products and became more spiritually connected by applying natural practices.

In 2020 I realized my path was different, I recognized my heightened sensitivity and passion for health. The products that I made for myself that helped my life change in a positive light I wanted to share that, and after life took a different turn for me as far as career placement, I decided to start becoming an entrepreneur hand making CBD, butters, oils, sprays and face scrubs. I remember some of my first products and how I would send them to family and friends to try, after trying they loved it and I started developing a brand from that. If you were to ask me years ago if I could see myself doing this today I would have said no. I truly love what I do and I believe making natural therapeutic products is a passion and gift of mine coming from the divine. I am overfilled with joy and love that I can help heal others.

I am currently working towards receiving my certification in alternative therapies, to be able to apply more ways of staying healthy naturally through massage therapy, acupressure, and aromatherapy. I also attend vendor events all around the city of LA and outskirts to promote my products because I love talking to people about what I do. I appreciate when people can personally see my products and test them out for themselves. 

My long term goal is to have a storefront of my products with a wellness center providing spiritual therapy services and all things natural wellness. I also want to develop a community with other healers, artists and creatives to be able to express themselves.