The Anatomy of the Chakras Pt 1. The Lower chakras Root and Sacral

The root and sacral chakra are located in the lower region of our bodies. It has been examined by healers as the hardest chakras to release blockages because basic needs are not being met, chaos in our environment, limited beliefs, old patterns and negative ways of thinking. These chakras are the base and the foundation of our ‘be-ing’. A way to think about these two chakras is to take a look at Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, at the base of the pyramid you see the physiological needs that are the physical and basic needs of our humanity being met which is food, shelter, sleep, exercise, rest, movement and sex. These are the base of our needs, the second need in the pyramid is safety the security of employment, resources, body security, health, family and property. Some may say the two base hierarchy of needs are similar, so are the two lower chakras and I will explain why. 

I will first go into depth about the root chakra. The root chakra color is red, in relation to the anatomy it governs the tailbone, legs, feet, hip, joint, relationship to ground, and pelvis. The root chakra relates to homelife, security, tribe, livelihood, rootedness, and groundedness. If it is not balanced on the left side of the body then a person could be hesitant on doing a task, could constantly be thinking about doing but never taking action and feeling stuck. Right side imbalance is the opposite, one may tend to over- do, to overthink, and are overactive physically, they could be doing too much and thinking too much constantly feeling guilty. 

People who have a lot of energy in this area are often trying to avoid their feelings, often feelings of sadness. Sciatica, arthritis, and hip pain may develop as a result of overdoing, the back of the root chakra speaks to our physical home and stress regarding our physical home. Maybe a renovation needs to be done, there is too much clutter, an uncomfortable roommate situation, or having to move. 

The busy mind shows up as a profound imbalance in the energy body. Thinking is considered a psychological disease because the reality about thinking is nonproductive, non beneficial looping of worrying about the future, to do lists, constant concerns and worry about what other people think the inner judgment, guilt and self criticism. Most people find it impossible to calm the mind. In modern western society we tend to beat ourselves up on a daily basis by overthinking. One of the biggest problems of our times is people don't know how to shut their minds off (McKusick, 2021). 

Let’s move on to the second chakra before talking about healing. The Sacral chakra color is orange, it governs reproductive organs, bladder, the large intestine, and small intestine. It relates to creativity, cashflow, sexuality, self worth and intimate relationships. Left side imbalances can include frustration and disappointment, Right side imbalances are guilt and shame. An individual may feel creatively stuck, have unhealthy intimate relationships, and have low self worth.


Someone who is "too nice"  may feel heightened energy in this aura. Being too nice may mean pushing our true feelings aside and doing what we don't want to do instead of what we want. It is resistance to frustration and not being in our personal power. Digestive issues and sensitivity to dairy products including allergic reactions to dairy may occur with blockages to the sacral chakra. Being bottle fed as an infant also connects to this factor as well. 

The Root and Second Chakra are connected in a pattern of one another, life energy gets trapped in the two bottom chakras. The result is either guilt and shame driven, overdoing, overthinking, non doing, or a pattern of going back and forth between the two. People accumulate heavy imbalances in this part of their fields. 

A Healthy Balanced Root Chakra

A healthy balanced root chakra happens when thoughts and feelings are in accord with actions. When we are present in the now. Comfortable in our home and in our environment and our livelihoods are right. 

A Healthy Balanced Sacral Chakra

A healthy balanced sacral chakra happens when there are established healthy intimate relationships. Not just romantic relationships but referring to family relationships and friendships as well. Also, when we are creatively flowing and not repressing feelings the sacral chakra becomes healed. 

Healing the lower chakras anatomy

There are plenty of ways that can bring balance to the root chakra. From yoga, asanas, root chakra meditation to singing bowl therapy. For one thing, physical exercise and moving the body can have a powerful effect on the root chakra. Specifically, yoga poses and asanas like child’s pose, lotus, triangle pose, and garland pose can help. Connecting to nature, hiking and getting sun restores vitality to the body and mind. Tibetan sound bowls can also help balance the root chakra.

Ways to heal and align the root chakra

  • Lighting a root chakra red candle 
  • Wearing a red jasper bracelet or pendant 
  • Eating protein rich foods such as beans, spinach, potatoes, beef, lamb, tomatoes, red bell peppers, almonds. 
  • Saturday connects to the root chakra, practice the above techniques on this day to heal and balance. 
  • Use essential oils such as cedarwood, patchouli and myrrh 

Orange is associated with the color of sunrise, this is also the best time of day to heal and allow your energy to flow with this chakra. Dancing in the morning, making love during the sunrise, yoga, sound therapy, meditation and creativity to open this chakra and release all that is blocking the sacral energy. 

Ways to heal and align the sacral chakra
  • Lighting a sacral chakra or orange candle
  • Take slow deep breaths, making sure you are sitting up straight and your spine is aligned.
  • Wear a carnelian healing stone bracelet or necklace. 
  • Eat healthy foods like oranges, mangoes, papayas, peaches, sunflower seeds, coconuts, and fruit teas.
  • Use essential oils such as rose, spearmint, clary sage, eucalyptus, and patchouli in the form of sprays, or diffusing.

Healing the chakras and understanding the connection between the chakras and the effects on the body is beneficial to our health because the chakras are responsible for the functions in our body. An imbalanced system may lead to a number of physical ailments and will show up in close proximity to the chakra. A good way to figure out what is bothering us physically and mentally is to scan the body and relate them to blockages of the certain chakra region. Chakra balancing not only brings a peaceful state of mind and positive self esteem it heals the whole body energy that may prevent you from experiencing wellness physically and mentally. Whole body healing is the true meaning of aligning the chakras.

Stay tuned for pt. 2. Anatomy of the Chakras the Solar Plexus and Heart 

Article Written and Published by 

Ciara Quarles, 2022 


McKusick, E. D. (2021). Tuning the human biofield: Healing with vibrational sound therapy. Healing Arts Press.

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