Prevent Melting- Keeping Shea Butter Lotion Whipped to Perfection

During warm weather, whipped products may soften and can even melt as they sit in your home, or in transit in warm mail trucks and mailboxes. For my whipped body lotion to last longer I incorporate Beeswax, which is 100% natural into my lotions. Unfortunately melting can still occur as it is a natural reaction to heat and I have no control over the conditions during transit and delivery.. In the summer months, I use more protective packaging and the jars/ bottles may look different for shipping rather than local deliveries such as the use of plastic rather than glass to protect the product from leakage. 

What to do about melting?

On warm days it is best to refrigerate before opening jars to prevent a mess if melting occurred. When placing whipped lotion in the refrigerator hardness, volume decrease and air bubbles from the whipped process may occur, but MELTING DOES NOT AFFECT THE QUALITY OF THE LOTION AS A GREAT MOISTURIZER. Because my product is made with beeswax only place it in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours. 

For Those Allergic to Beeswax or want to purchase a separate order of whipped lotion without beeswax, note the disclaimer and check my blog post titled "Requesting and Purchasing whipped lotion without beeswax."

Also note, I have customers scoop out the lotion from the package and whip it back up with an electric whisk beater. Refrigerate the lotion beforehand


 What I am doing to prevent melting?

  • Incorporating beeswax into my whipped body lotions (still remains natural & organic)
  • I check every product before its packaged for shipping and wrap all my products in bubble wrap and extra padding to add another layer of insulation.

If I'm shipping products the jars/ bottles may be different from local sales, for example: darker plastic bottles to reflect the sun and prevent leakage 

As a result, most products shipped in warm weather arrive without melting, please understand there is no way to control the heat of the summer, transit, mail trucks, and mailboxes. 

- Vibrate High, 

                     Love, Ciara 

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