Distance Reiki healing session  - 1 Hour

Distance Reiki healing session - 1 Hour

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What is Distance Reiki Healing?

A distance healing session can be implemented in several different ways. The practitioner can use a proxy like a photo, chakra grids, healing crystals. Or they can simply use visualization to send Reiki energy to someone else, as long as permission is invoked or received in some way. The distance Reiki symbol unites the Reiki practitioner and the recipient in a sacred healing space.

Once the practitioner puts out the intention to send Reiki to the recipient, the energy starts activating right away upon that moment. The person on the receiving end can be resting in full relaxation. Some people schedule a time to be together on the phone, over something like Zoom, at the same time as the practitioner is sending.

Distance healing sessions best suit people who don’t live at a practical distance from a Reiki practitioner. Or people who don’t have the means to travel to and from the therapy office. Or people who feel uncomfortable when someone is touching them.